Non-stop innovation

Here, at Kurgan meat processing plant, we believe that progress is made by professional staff and professional equipment.

Century-long tradition

Since 1907 we have been trendsetters at heart and leaders at the very core.

100% natural and eco-friendly

We are proud to offer products made of 100% natural ingredients. All product series meet the demands of Russian quality assurance systems.


Choose natural

What makes us special?

Kurgan meat processing plant is truly one of the best Russian manufacturers of canned meats and sausages. For more than a century our plant has been offering customers worldwide a winning combination of classical recipes and modern technologies. Natural ingredients and our love for meat and innovation result in top-quality products well worth trying.

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С Днем Победы!

Это особенный праздник, объединяющий страны и поколения.

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Добро пожаловать на дегустации!

Попробуйте продукцию Курганского мясокомбината "Стандарт"!

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Got meat?

Experts of "Kontrolnaya zakupka" (Test Purchase) TV programme got their answers.

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Victory standard

If a victory can ever be called a standard result for a top professional, well, Evgeniy's victory was a gold standard.

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