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Care to run with us?
See you tomorrow at "The Green Marathon"!

Kurgan meat processing plant "Standard" would like to welcome you to take part in "The Green Marathon" project, a former corporate event by Sberbank which developed into a massive charity project currently involving fifty-six Russian cities and a large number of enterprises that support the event.

We hope to see you on the 27th of May in Kurgan Central Park joining a 4 km distance run, a 280 m run for kids or a speсial running event for people with disabilities. You will also have a chance to witness a spectacular robot race, a kids-only quest, a cute crawlers' race and a variety of sports and entertainment events. 

Registration starts at 9 am, so make sure you arrive on time. Come join the race, share the fun&food with other sport enthusiasts! Without a doubt, Kurgan meat processing plant "Standard" will be there serving all sorts of treats for the fellow citizens.