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Maslenitsa is coming!

In Russia Maslenitsa has always been a long-awaited annual festival of culinary delights that crowns the grand winter finale. Not a single time has Kurgan meat processing plant "Standard" missed a chance to offer the citizens a series of open-air festivities including contests, games, gifts, and traditional circle dances. On March 9 and 10, Kurgan meat processing plant welcomed everyone to Kurgan Shooting Club in Uval district and "Sovremennik" community centre in Zaozernyi, a large residential area in Kurgan.

Kurgan meat processing plant sponsored Maslenitsa celebrations in Zaozernyi, with competitions and prizes that both kids and their parents loved. Kurgan Shooting Club, in its turn, held a party with a distinctively Russian flavour: with peaceful fights for a snow fortress and burning of the Lady Maslenitsa straw figure in a bonfire – offered as cold and hot starters accordingly – and traditional folk circle dancing and contests for dessert. Festival guests were rewarded with prizes, gift cards, sausages, and canned meats from Kurgan meat processing plant "Standard". Needless to say, there was a lot of finger-licking goodness to keep the guests through the day, shashlyk (grilled meat) and pancakes with a breathtaking variety of fillings, to name a few. Yes, each year Maslenitsa is all about fun and food and we are truly happy to provide you with both!

* Maslenitsa, roughly translated as Butter week, Crepe week, or Cheesefare week, is both a religious and folk Russian holiday that lasts for a week before Great Lent, later followed by East Orthodox Easter.