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PERVAiling yet again!

With summer in full swing, of course, you crave to take a break from whatever you may be doing and thoroughly enjoy yourself. We sure get it and go out of our way to make your summer way more enjoyable – with a series of brand-new tomato sauces from our premium brand Perva. Today we are pleased to offer you a longtime culinary classic – a fresh thick tomato paste – accompanied by Adjika, Krasnodar, Shashlyk and Super spicy sauces. We hope these Perva sauces will add a bright zesty note to whatever dinner you are going to offer your family and friends. 

We would like to stress that Perva is a premium product series, a synonym for top-notch quality for those who go for natural ingredients and natural taste. Perva embraces a series of liver pastes, ham, a wide choice of veggies (beans, peas, corn) and a series or juicy tomato sauces made of fresh, ripe tomatoes grown in Krasnodar region of Russia, famed for its quality vegetables. Fresh veggies are hand-picked and cooked on best equipment from top European manufacturers, with only salt and spices added in the process – no preservatives, colouring or flavouring agents that can easily ruin the natural taste of juicy tomatoes. We take painstaking care to preserve all vitamins and minerals that fresh tomatoes have to offer.

All sauces are canned in glass jars for you to see ripe tomatoes in their full juicy glory. With each jar you get 360-380 g of fresh tomato sauce, an optimal volume for cooking any kind of hearty meal.

All you have to do is choose what sort of dinner you have in mind today and opt for a spicy twist with our Super spicy sauce, a delightful Asian sparkle with Adjika, a truly delicious BBQ flavour with Shashlyk sauce or choose the all-time favourite – Krasnodar sauce – or a regular tomato paste. No matter what Perva sauce you choose, it will crown your evening with some finger-licking goodness!

Try our brand-new Perva tomato sauces – all made with love and meant to be enjoyed!