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We are delighted to announce that last week Kurgan meat processing plant “Standard” passed quite a challenging test with flying colours and received a certificate that confirms our right to produce halal products.

The halal assurance procedure is to be conducted on a yearly basis. So in July our plant welcomed two experts from Bashkortostan: Ilnur Rinatovich Mukhametzyanov, head of the Halal Voluntary Certification Department of the Trade and Commerce Chamber of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and Ilya Anatolyevich Chebotarev, Halal expert of the Trade and Commerce Chamber of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The two notable officials arrived in Kurgan to fully inspect each and every step of the Halal canned meat series manufacturing process at Kurgan meat processing plant and analyze whether it fully complies with the requirements of Halal Voluntary Certification System*.

Upon the completion of the audit, Kurgan meat processing plant received a certificate that confirms the right of our plant to produce the Halal series canned products. Each Halal series product is produced from a wide range of halal meat and spices in accordance with halal standards. No pork or its components, no soy beans or artificial ingredients are used in Halal series production. All meat is sourced from slaughterhouses that have previously obtained halal certificates, and each meat batch is certified by halal standards. There is also a production line specially designed for Halal series manufacturing that is meticulously tested for pork protein DNA. To crown it all, each Halal product batch produced by Kurgan meat processing plant is certified by an accredited official of Halal Standardization Centre.

Not only does halal mark proudly stand for allowed type of food for our Muslim communities, but it is also a symbol of a high-quality product. You are welcome to try our Halal product series and find out for yourself why we go out of our way to manufacture the best possible product to cater for your needs and tastes.

* The full name of Halal voluntary certification system is “Халяль-МСС-ТПП”, or “Халяль – Международная система сертификации – Торгово-Промышленная палата”, translated as “International Certification System – Trade and Commerce Chamber”.