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Happy birthday, Kurgan!

It was with greatest pleasure that Kurgan meat processing plant “Standard” participated in the festivities of the annual City Day. Celebrated on August 24 and driven by the inspiring slogan “The city of great traditions. The city of great people”, the event marked Kurgan’s 340th birthday and turned out to be a stunning success. The citizens were invited to participate in a breath-taking sequence of contests and concerts, exhibitions and tasting events.

No wonder that on the day of the grand celebration the city’s throbbing heart – Central Square – was lined with booths and exhibition stands where most prominent Kurgan-based companies displayed their goods and invited all citizens to enjoy them. Kurgan meat processing plant eagerly joined in and welcomed everyone to the stand by the Children Creativity Centre to savour chicken burrito from “Perva” product series and some splendidly grilled delicacies: sausages and shashlik (meat skewers) proudly produced by Kurgan meat processing plant. Our delegation also treated citizens to “Perva” liver pastes on crispy crackers – a delightfully tasty duet that boosted up everyone’s energy to party up until the end of the show.

Kurgan meat processing plant “Standard” salutes its native city and sends its warmest congratulations and best wishes. May our city progress and prosper for many decades to come! May our citizens and local communities stay vocal about their needs and help the city improve in every aspect! Many happy returns!