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Happy holiday!

Kurgan meat processing plant joined in the grand celebration of Agriculture and Food Industry Day and congratulated all the industry professionals on this great annual occasion.

Both agriculture and food industry are key contributors to Kurgan region’s economy so it comes as no surprise that Agriculture and Food Industry Day is a major event on the professional calendar, marked by the big celebration that unites industry professionals and longtime experts. This year the ceremony took place on November 8 at the Mechanical Engineers Union Palace.

Kurgan meat processing plant delegation showed up to congratulate the colleagues and treat them to some splendid delicacies. The guests were excited to try tender slices of baked ham and bacon, a brand-new cooked sausage with venison, and a variety of Kurgan meat processing plants’ all-time classics, such as “Krakovskaya”, “Ukrainskaya” “Delikatesnaya” and “Elitnaya” sausages. The treats were accompanied by turkey meat and goose liver pastes from “Perva” product series served on crispbreads.

Dear colleagues, please accept our most heartfelt congratulations on Agriculture and Food Industry Day! May the fruits of your labour be tasty, nutritious, healthy and always in high demand!