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The Oscar goes to… Kurgan!

We are proud beyond words to confirm that “Meat Oscar” was awarded to Kurgan meat processing plant for another consecutive year.

World Quality Day, November 14, witnessed a great celebration at the Federation Council headquarters in Moscow, welcoming all contestants of the "Quality guaranteed-2019" international contest* for an award ceremony. It is with greatest pleasure that we announce that our plant received another “Oscar” in the "Canned meat, poultry and fish" nomination, perhaps the most prestigious trophy in the meat industry. “Meat Oscar”, the gold medal and the diploma certifying the highest quality of meat products were awarded to “Roasted pork knuckle with mustard” from “Exclusive Standard” product series, thus ensuring the series’ premium quality, top taste and great recipes based on natural ingredients.

For those eager to try all our “Meat Oscar”-winning products, we would like to remind that last year contest winners were ham and burrito filling from “Perva” product series. We hope you will be able to locate our award-winning products in our catalogue and in supermarkets and enjoy your experience till the last bite.


*The international food contest "Quality guaranteed” was first organized by the Federal Scientific Centre for Food Systems named after V.M. Gorbatov and supported by the Agriculture and Food Industry Legislation and Environmental Management Committee of the Federation Council and Ministry of Agriculture back in 2011. The contest medals are widely known as "Meat Oscars" in the food industry community, as they are awarded to the very best food companies, in the same fashion as the Oscars are awarded in the American motion picture industry. The contest winners are sifted twice: first during lab tests that ensure product safety and quality, and later during tasting sessions that gather food industry's top experts who stand behind all the food industry rules and regulations.